Broadcast a radio station

We can broadcast your radio station to 600,000 people in our coverage area.

In order to get on-air with us you’ll need:

  • A licence from Ofcom – either as a Community Radio Station (C-DSP) or a Commercial Radio Station (DSP)
  • Music licences from PPL and PRS
  • A good quality audio stream on the Internet

Digital radio allows you to broadcast flexibly, at different bitrates and audio qualities. We’ll charge you based on how much bit rate you use, and how long you sign a contract for.

Fees for Community Radio Services

Community Radio Service holding a C-DSP licence and based within our coverage area
We will broadcast up to 7 of these services, at 48kbit/s

Fees for All Other Radio Services

Any Radio Service holding a DSP licence

24 kbit/s – suitable for good quality speech, low quality music£240 / month
32 kbit/s – suitable for reasonable quality stereo music£320 / month
48 kbit/s – suitable for good quality stereo music£480 / month